Farming with a view


Farming with a view

I drove up the mountain with my car. Had to quickly stop and get out to take this picture.
I guess farming is hard work. But perhaps it is just a bit easier having such a view! And the farmers get all this fresh air while working!

[Check one of my older posts here, I do firmly believe that all we need while working is AIR! Lots of it!]

I was rather impressed by his “office”!



Size matters!

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

Mind you, the title referres to the people in the image, who do make look these mountains even more gigantic.

I read the other day one should always try to include people into a landscape image, in order to make the image more interesting.

“I do not agree.”

But in this case, I think, well, yes, there is that!

Again, if you can’t spot the people, click on the image to enlarge it.

“Size matters!”



Find the ibex!

Find the ibex

Did you find the ibex in the image?

(You might want to click on it to enlarge him…!)

It was one of these days… I went hiking, knowing it is going to be a very steep hike, so I only took my lightest lens (40 mm F2.8 panecake*) with me. Up up up all day long. Almost at the top of the mountain I encountered this fellow here!

“Hurray – an ibex!”

“But noooo, damn, I was looking all summer long to spot one – and now this, I only carry a 40 mm lens with me!”

So I took his portrait anyway. Does he not look like a tiny little mini ibex on this image? But trust me. In real, he was an impressive dude!

Do you know this problem, almost always bringing the wrong lens along with you?

Let’s talk about it!


* this lens is – apart from not ideal for capturing ibexs – a wonderful toy to play around with!

clear lines and purity

clear lines and purity

I love clear lines and purity.

Even though this landsape is playful and versatile,
this picture came out rather graphical. I am rather pleased with it.

I am wondering though whether this shadowy band in the middle adds to its grahical impression or whether it stands for imperfection?

What is your opinion?