clear lines and purity

clear lines and purity

I love clear lines and purity.

Even though this landsape is playful and versatile,
this picture came out rather graphical. I am rather pleased with it.

I am wondering though whether this shadowy band in the middle adds to its grahical impression or whether it stands for imperfection?

What is your opinion?


Not quite perfect

Sulsee, Switzerland

Even though the sunlight was rather harsh at this hot summer afternoon, I could not resist taking this image. The mirror is not quite perfect – but the light breeze that caused the ripples in this little mountain lake was very welcome anyway!

… and yes, we certainly removed all our hiking cloths and jumped in! :-)


Grey day plus other issues.

Grey Day



As you can see, it is a rather grey day today. Despite being a public holiday. Good side: I have time to go through my “things-desperately-need-to-be-done” list.

One of which is:

“find a SPAM solution”.

My ferntree photoblog suffers from a really bad attack for quite a while now. I had to clean up my comment sections e.v.e.r.y single day. I am completely fed up with this. So I decided to remove the comments from the blog and instead link it to this blog here. Which, now that I did it, actually makes sense.

What on Earth is SPAM good for? I just wonder WHO on EARTH does ever actually CLICK on one of these SPAM links?

“Oh cool, somebody has placed 298 links into the comment section of the ferntree photoblog website for cheap Prada bags. Nice, let’s check it out, click on the link and then buy one of these bags with my credit card”.


Anyway, I am relying on wordpress’s SPAM Filter and stick with this solution for a while. I might even upgrade my account and pay some Dollars in order to get it add free too….

CU online!

Been there, done that!

first tender green

OK my friends. Forget twitter. I am rather dissapointed after having twittered for a while. If you are not in need of sparking a revolution, twitter is just a huge bloody waste-of-time!
Been there, done that – let’s move on to new shores!

Speaking of new shores: I have done a hike in the forest next to the lake today. Since I was hiking on a Monday, and it happened to be a cold and grey Monday, I seemed to be the only person on this hike. For three hours! Oh how I loved it!

Spring is definitly kicking in now! What a relieve!

CU online, ladyferntree