Not night anymore, not day yet

Not night anymore, not day yet

I know! I posted a similar image not too long ago. But this one here with the moon in it – I find much better! (Nice to see progress, huh!?). I shot it this morning, in this in-between kind of light. Not night anymore, but also not daylight yet. I find this almost the best time of the day! Do you agree?


A piece of chalet

A piece of chalet

Well, this is simply a piece of a weathered mountain chalet. Actually, the building is more of a hay barn rather than a chalet really. As you can tell, I love simple structurs and clear lines.

But then, I think, this image is only simple on its surface. If you dive in, you can see a whole load of patterns and lines.

Looking at these old huts, I often try to visualize the people who have built them, a few hundred years ago. Oh how different was the world back then! Through these old woods we get a glimps of these long forgotten times.

I imagine it was very v.e.r.y quiet in the world back then.



Find the ibex!

Find the ibex

Did you find the ibex in the image?

(You might want to click on it to enlarge him…!)

It was one of these days… I went hiking, knowing it is going to be a very steep hike, so I only took my lightest lens (40 mm F2.8 panecake*) with me. Up up up all day long. Almost at the top of the mountain I encountered this fellow here!

“Hurray – an ibex!”

“But noooo, damn, I was looking all summer long to spot one – and now this, I only carry a 40 mm lens with me!”

So I took his portrait anyway. Does he not look like a tiny little mini ibex on this image? But trust me. In real, he was an impressive dude!

Do you know this problem, almost always bringing the wrong lens along with you?

Let’s talk about it!


* this lens is – apart from not ideal for capturing ibexs – a wonderful toy to play around with!

Grey day plus other issues.

Grey Day



As you can see, it is a rather grey day today. Despite being a public holiday. Good side: I have time to go through my “things-desperately-need-to-be-done” list.

One of which is:

“find a SPAM solution”.

My ferntree photoblog suffers from a really bad attack for quite a while now. I had to clean up my comment sections e.v.e.r.y single day. I am completely fed up with this. So I decided to remove the comments from the blog and instead link it to this blog here. Which, now that I did it, actually makes sense.

What on Earth is SPAM good for? I just wonder WHO on EARTH does ever actually CLICK on one of these SPAM links?

“Oh cool, somebody has placed 298 links into the comment section of the ferntree photoblog website for cheap Prada bags. Nice, let’s check it out, click on the link and then buy one of these bags with my credit card”.


Anyway, I am relying on wordpress’s SPAM Filter and stick with this solution for a while. I might even upgrade my account and pay some Dollars in order to get it add free too….

CU online!

James Dean

James Dean


“Am I old?”

It happened in my office.

Last Friday.

I was a bit frustrated and surfed the web for something to cheer me up . I stumbled upon an image of James Dean. James Dean! It made me smile. I started talking about him to my two office colleagues. One is twenty-five and the other twenty-even-younger.

“Who is James Dean?” is what they said, echoing each other.


My jaw dropped to the desk. They have never heard of James Dean! Now I am wondering whether this was the very moment when I discovered that I am old?

Have you ever had a similar conversation? How did it make you feel?