the fog is alive!

The fog is alive!

Did you know that fog is a living organ?

This morning I was sitting in thick fog, not able to see the next door neighbour (which is of course not a bad thing), but it was cold and dark and wet. But then, from one second to the next, the fog decided to climb down 20 meter and the result of that you can see in the picture!

So it turned out that the fog decided to play games with me all day. Up a little [me in the fog] – down a little [me in the sun] – up a little [me in the fog], down a little…
Guess that is a fun way to spend a Sunday! ;-)


Old Jungfrau


Well, today it seems to be completly foggy – now view what-so-ever.
So I decided to post an image of the Junfgrau I took a few days ago.

How do you Photobloggers out there generally think about posting an image which
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