Old Jungfrau


Well, today it seems to be completly foggy – now view what-so-ever.
So I decided to post an image of the Junfgrau I took a few days ago.

How do you Photobloggers out there generally think about posting an image which
is not taken the day of actuall uploading?

I think, it is just not possible to get a postable image every time you go out with your camera. So for me, it is OK to once-in-a-while post an older one.
What are your thoughts about this? Is it OK – or do you expect fresh meat every time you look at a posted image?

Let’s talk about it!



5 thoughts on “Old Jungfrau

  1. Beautiful capture!

    I usually also need time to post-process, and amid daily tasks and chores, this means that I never have the time to both (walk around and aimlessly find something worth of) taking the photo and post-processing it in the same day. Ergo, I always post images of at least one day back. Doesn’t really bother me.

  2. “Old Jungfrau” – made me smile :)

    I don’t see a single reason why photos in blogs have to be taken the same day unless it is a sort of reportage blog about current affairs.
    I sometimes show winter photos in summer – just for a change.

    so it does not bother me at all and I just enjoy your wonderful pics!

    Greets from Basel,

    1. Hello Arnd! Whoops, I must have missed this comment and question of yours! Thank you so much, I am happy that you like the image! I took it above Mürren. From the Suppenalp to be precise. [I actually had a few drinks there, so I am quite surprised myself that the images turned out rather nicely ;-)]

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